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DINACHARYA > Daily Routine according to AYURVEDA.




Dinacharya ( dina day & acharya behaviour) "daily-routine" is a concept in Ayurvedic medicine that looks at the cycles of nature and bases daily activities around these cycles. Ayurveda contends that routines help establish balance and that understanding daily cycles are useful for promoting health. Dinacharya says that each day two cycles of change occur, that correlate with the Ayurvedic concept of dosha. Routines covered by dinacharya include: waking time, elimination, hygiene, massage, exercise, bathing, meditation and prayer, meals, study, work, relaxation and sleeping.

In order to keep the Tridoshas in a state of healthy equlibrium Ayurveda prescribes for each individual a specific daily routine (Dinacharya). The various stages to this daily routine, influenced by one's own prakriti.

★ Since our biological clocks are attuned to the rising and setting of the sun, it is obviously better to awake at sunrise in perfect synchronisation to the natural clock.

★ Defecation once or twice daily is the best. Preferably not immediately after a meal. Suppression of natural physical urges such as elimination, hunger, thirst, sleep, sneezing, yawning, vomiting, flatus and ejaculation may lead to discomfort even disease.

★Thorough washing of the limbs, face, mouth, eyes & nose purifies the bodies sense organs. Best done with a bath in clean water, it should accompany brushing of the teeth,scraping off coating from the tongue and to keep hair trimmed, nails filed and wear clean clothes & to use perfumes.

★Either passive like massage (a regular massage with herbal oils) or active like aerobics or both as in yoga postures. Regular exercise increases the body's stamina and resistance to disease.

★Meditation is the ideal for disciplining the mind and removing stress & strain. Brings Control of desire or mental hunger which is the key to longevity and immortality.

★Clothes should always be clean ,light & airy, and made of natural fibres as cotton, wool, linen or silk.

★Success or failure in profession affects self-confidence, self-worth, it is important that the nature of work should match well with your prakriti. The ideal jobs must have enough excitement to hold their interest and sufficient routine to avoid imbalances. They should ideally have sufficient challenge to keep them occupied without the stress of severe competition.

★In choosing the right partner Ayurveda suggests that like types make better mates because of similar mental processes, attitudes and sexual proclivities.

★Night is the natural time to sleep and mid-day catnaps should not be more than 15 minutes long except for the very young, very old, very weak and those intoxicated, diseased, exhausted or traumatised.


Rise before the sunrise.

Drink a full glass of water. Clean your face, mouth and nasal passages and gargle .

Do some light yoga or stretching exercises & Meditate for 20 minutes. Take a walk or run for hour, 34 times per week.

Have a nutritional breakfast according to your body type. Have a relaxing or complete meal at lunchtime. 112 pm. Relax for hour after lunch.

Meditate in late afternoon before evening meal for 20 minutes. Eat dinner between 5:00 and 7:00 pm before sundown. This should not be a heavy meal. Allow three hours after your dinner before going to bed. Bedtime 10:0011:00 pm.

Chew your food well and be mindful of its smells, tastes, and textures. Focus on eating, not on conversation, TV, reading, etc.Eat only when you feel hungry. Eat at a moderate pace.

Give thanks to the Life & Nature & to the Supreme Power.

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