★ The Immunity (VYADHI-KSHAMATVAM) Is An Excellence Within All Of Us That Resists The Causes Of Diseases And Their Furiousness As Well As Their Collisions.

★When a Widespread Outbreak Of an Infectious Disease Comes Into Being, Many People Turn Out To Be Infected At The Same Time, But Some Of Them Remain Healthy! Why? That Is Because Of A Resistance Power Against The Causes Of Illnesses Within Them, Or The State Of Not Being Susceptible Or ill.

This Is Known As Immunity In Modern Medicine And VYADHI-KSHAMATVA In Ayurveda.

★In The Ancient Literatures Of Ayurveda Qualities of VYADHI-KSHAMATVA have been described as-

Increases The Working And Exertion Capacity.

Increases The Resistant Power Against The Disease.

The Power That Can Provide Capacity To Adjust The Body According To The Forcefulness (VEERYA) Of Medicine.

★To Increase The Immunity, Ayurvedic Drugs Are Reasonably Proficient For This. Such Formulations Are Called As RASAYANA In Ayurveda.

★According to Ayurveda, immunity and natural resistance to disease in the body goes hand in hand with good health. The concept of health, according to Ayurveda is not only being free of disease but also when there is balance between the three doshas, vata, pitta, and kapha, there is proper functioning of the digestive fire or agni, the three waste products (urine, feces, and sweat) are in normal quantity and balanced, the five senses are working normally, and the mind, body and consciousness are functioning in blissful harmony.

Ayurveda holds that a person in good health will not be affected by even the most contagious disease.

★The function of the immune system is to protect our bodies against foreign invaders. The invaders can come in the form of actual foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, collectively called pathogens. Unwelcome entities can also be created from within as with auto-immune disorders and cancer.

★Include many fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans in your diet. These provide you with nutrients, antioxidants and fiber necessary for immune function. Sip hot water or ginger tea throughout the day to boost agni. Limit sugar intake. SImple sugars impair white blood cells activity leading to a depressed immune system. Limit alcohol. Alcohol can impair white blood cells mobility.

★There are several lifestyle practices that can help boost a healthy immune system-

Take meals at regular times each day. Regular meals help to prepare the body for a time of nourishment by inceasing appetite and enhancing digestion.

Maintain a healthy body weight. Excess weight is a burden for the body.

Placing undue stress on organs and metabolic functions impairs immune function.

Get regular exercise. Just the right amount of movement helps the body become more resilient to various health problems.

Get sufficient, good-quality sleep. The body restores itself and counters the effects of stress during sleep and relaxation. Immune cells circulate through the body in relation to cycles of sleep and wakefulness. A lack of sleep can interrupt this process.

Ayurvedic holistic approach can help you develop a lifestyle that is good for your body and your mind while supporting health and immunity.

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