★The need of attaining mental peace is increasing day by day in view of tremendous increase in the stress and strain of life especially in urban areas . The rapid industrialization ,excessive crowding , too much of competition, excessive hurry and worry are some of the important factors.

★Without a healthy mind , one cannot achieve a healthy body. Negative emotions or stress is a major cause of many diseases. Stress reduces the immunity of the body and thus turns it into a host of disease causing micro organisms and parasites, which causes further deterioration of the bodily and mental health.

★Stress is a psychosomatic disorder that creates conflicts & health hazards .People living in urban areas are more prone to feel the pressure.

★Nowadays more people are suffering from stress. We may feel symptoms of stress when stuck in traffic jam,dealing with a difficult boss or colleague at work,break down communication in relationship,unemloyment etc , the list of causes are endless.

★At first this stress is manifested as irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness etc. Stress in turn may trigger Allergies,Asthma,High cholesterol,Hypertension, Endocrinological problems & also sexual dysfunctions etc. Small amounts of stress are actually considered to be beneficial and productive towards work, where in the person puts the extra effort to achieve his/her accomplishments. But chronic stress can affect the normal physical and mental functioning of the body and may lead to break down of certain bodily mechanisms.

★According to Ayurveda VATA Prakruti people are more likely to develope stress reaction such as Anxiety ,fearfulness, phobias etc. PITTA Prakruti people are more likely to develope stress reaction such as an increase in their Dosha during stressful situations & react to it in the form of Anger.They may also suffer from Hypertension,peptic ulcer,ulcerative colitis etc. KAPHA Prakruti people are more likely to develope stress reaction such as these people may develop under active Thyroid function ,slow metabolism even increased blood sugar etc. Women are more prone to the various signs of stress. Hairloss & dull skin are the first warning signals that indicate internal imbalances of the mind & body.

★Stress Management with Ayurveda could be possible by ,

Medicines to be taken orally

Panchakarma therapies

Modifying dietary practices

Yoga & Meditation

★Herbal medications like Brahmi,Shankh Pushpi, Vacha,Jyotishmati,Ashwagandha ,Yashtimadhu,Amalaki,Jatamansi, Guduchi and Rasayan drugs called 'Medhya Rasayan' which is supposed to be having specific influence on higher brain functions are very much effective to treat stress & strain disorders.

★Ayurveda recommends warm oil massages and certain yoga postures for good stress management. Yoga is the greatest answer to control the imbalance of mind.Asans like Shoulder stand,Plow pose, Spinal twist,Locust pose,Lion pose ,Shavasana etc. are very effective for healing stress.

★Ayurveda with its assisting practices like Yoga, Pranayama and meditation is the way to fight stress and come back to the beautiful life by gaining control of the mind. Once in control of the mind, a person doesn't remain slave of the mind but becomes the master and starts enjoying life. Make the body a comfortable place to live in.Do not fill it up with junk food & do not stuff the mind with negative & immoral thoughts.

★Each of us is a victim of memory , that is how the Ayurvedic system diagnosed it thousands of years ago. Regular daily meditation is one of the best things to keep stress level low. But meditation is not about forcing the mind to be quiet but it is the finding of quiet that is really there.Silence is where we get our bursts of inspiration,our tender feelings of compassion and empathy,our sense of love.

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